Jianchun Jiang, Ph.D., Academician of Chinese Academy Engineering

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Jianchun Jiang

Title: Professor, Academician of Chinese Academy Engineering

Affiliation: Chemical Processing of Forest Products
      Institute of Chemical Industry of Forest Products, Chinese Academy of Forestry

Tel: 86-025-5482488

Fax: 0086 26 85482485

Email: jiangjc@icifp.cn


Prof. Jiang was an expert of forestry engineering, and honored as an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering. He served as chairman of Bio-based Materials and Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance, and vice chairman of Forest Chemistry branch of Chinese Society of Forestry and Biomass Energy and Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance. Prof. Jiang also served as an expert of “863” in Energy & Technology area in 2004. He served as an adjunct professor of both Nanjing Forestry University and Southeast University.
Prof. Jiang’ research interests focus on fundamental research and industrialization through thermochemical conversion: charcoal and actived carbon adsorption materials preparation; biomass pyrolysis gasification for central gas supply, heat supply and power generation; catalytic pyrolysis and liquefaction of biomass, waste oils and fats for drop-in fuels; chemical conversion of biomass for fine chemicals, including rigid foams, plasticizers, surfactants, etc. Prof. Jiang has supervised or co-supervised more than 28 PhD students and approximately 5 postdoctoral fellows (PDF).
Prof. Jiang’s research achievements have been widely introduced and applied in both China and foreign countries, including Japan, Italy, etc. He has won the award of National Scientific and Technological Progress of China four times, respectively in 2006, 2009, 2013, and 2016. His researches have led to over 318 scientific publications and 69 authorized patents.

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